The crafty stopper for your can

Can-ez on a fridge The Can-Ez crafty stopper snaps on your can and you can reseal it very easily.
You are not obliged to drink it up if you do not wish to.
Thanks to its magnet the Can-Ez is conveniently fixed on your refrigerator.
With its key-chain you can take it easily with you.

Joint du Can-EzLanguette sur porte-clé

No more unfortunate accidents

With the Can-ez :
- Finished with the insects getting into your drinks.
- Finished with the cans you throw away half full because they have lost all gas.
- Finished with sodas you drink without thirst because you can’t put it on a stable surface.
- Finished with spots when the can falls over.
With this crafty cap you close and open your can every time you want.You won’t hesitate anymore to open a new can because you know you can reseal it.